"Don't Stone The Crows"

Sick of losing set after set of windsreen wipers, at around $80-$90 a pop, we needed something to stop these crows from terrorising us.
We googled everyting we could but found nothing out there that was of any help
Wires wouldn't help because the crows weren't injured, the local council wouldnt help as no one was in danger, catching them was out of the question because I'm not Steve Irwin and killing them wasn't in the equation as my daughter would never talk to me again.
Soooo we had to look at it from a different perspective, if we couldn't catch, kill or relocate, we would have to become urban warriors and protect our windscreen wipers ourselfves (cue music)
We tried spraying the wipers with bug spray thinking they would hate the taste - think again!!
We tried wrapping them in towels and plastic (no the wipers silly) and got some funny looks driving around town.
We even tried rubber snakes to scare them off, but next time I checked both the rubber snakes and the wipers were gone.
When we had just about given up and surrendered to our fine feathered friends that is when CROWGUARD was born.
We use black poly pipe, that has been designed and cut to fit around each windscreen wiper, to encase the wiper blade along with an end cap to keep it tight and secure,thus keeping the rubber away from prying beaks and talons.
That's it.... from that day on we have had no trouble from the family of crows that live in the big trees out the front as they have finally been out smarted by CROWGUARD and moved on .......to other cars.
Easy to fit and just as easy to remove when it eventually starts raining the CROW GUARD doesnt stand out or look out of place on any car SUV, 4WD or truck as it is sleek and aero dynamic with no wind resistance or noise
Priced at $20 a pair or $25 for three (rear wiper) it has to be the easiest, safest, most humane item on the market (and we've looked) for guarding your windscreen wipers not only from crows but other birds and animals too, like possums, racoons, cockatoos and vultures (Yes vultures hate windscreen wipers too)
So get a set for your car, your wifes car, your kids car, your mums car, your dads car, your friends car,the lady down the streets car, your aunts car, your......ok ok you get the point
With our 100% money back guarantee you can't lose .... and you get to keep your wiper blades!